SIMVIVOR Sign-ups!

After much thinking and joining other competitions, I’ve decided to resurrect my sim’s reality show! We’re still in sign-ups now so if you are interested, check it out!


Iconic Modeling Assignment 1!

So I’ve been looking at getting back into modeling a little bit and I finally found something that looked really cool! It’s hosted by Vidkid/ColorMePink and is called Iconic. It’s a musical competition with bands, duets, and soloists. I’ve entered a duet, so meet Christine Brown and Tyler Shaw who are a part of the musical group, Hidden Crossings.

Assignment 1:

For this assignment we had to show/write about where our group came together, how they met, what made them start a band, that kind of thing. And we also had to provide a song that represented it. Here’s my assignment:

Song: Haven’t Met You Yet

Tyler had always been a very gifted musician. He had a life-long dream of being a part of a famous musical group. The problem was that he could never find someone who, in his eyes, was just as gifted as him. His family told him it was a foolish dream and that his sights were too high. They told him that he should give up on his dream and find a practical job. Tyler fell into a depression. He didn’t want a boring job sitting in a cubical all day long answering phones. He wanted to be out in the lights! But the way things were going, that was where his life was heading.

It wasn’t until he stopped at a small bar in town that a large ray of sunshine began to clear away his depression. Sitting at the piano was a girl who was playing the piano at a level that he’s never heard before. They way her fingers gracefully flowed over the ivory, the way he head gently bobbed with the flow of the music, the way her voice sang a perfect melody to match the harmonies – it was all too much for Tyler. He had finally found the partner he’s been searching for so desperately.

Really? Now? Eff You.

So I was playing my game the other day, no complications, no glitches, nothing. I opened the game up today to do some playing and get some models together for a new competition I’m joining. I was playing almost allll afternoon, and I was really into the game and had forgotten to save in a while. (I bet you all know where this is going.) Then right after my sim had finished the “Home Design Hotshot” LTW – Which is a bitch btw – and my game goes right to the desktop. At this point, I’m not freaking out right away since it’s happened before where my game go to desktop but is still running in the background, but no, not this time. It crashed. I haven’t had a crash in months. I was so pissed! now i have to redo that stupid LTW all over again. So not cool.

New Collab Blog!

So Paco, Jps, and I have been talking about starting a collab blog together for a while now. and we just finally did it. Okay, we we did it right before Christmas, but I’ve been busy these past couple days that I didn’t have time to post about it here. You guys should totally check it out! It’s called, The Corner of Insanity. Fitting, right? lolz