just a little update!

i haven’t posted in a while…my bad… so i thought i would just let you all know what’s going on with me right now!

I finally finished my 4th year of university! woot! still haven’t graduated though 😦 I’m taking a summer class though this summer which is really exciting! It’s not really a class so much as a two week camping adventure looking at rocks! but i’m still excited! i ❤ rocks! lolz

Also, i’m working on getting a job this summer. i put in an application at a dollar general in my area and the next day i had an interview! that’s never happened to me before! AND the manager pretty much hired me on the spot! it was great! now i just have to wait for the results of my background check before i am officially hired. So unless i go around murdering people in my sleep, i’m pretty sure i got this job!

Also, I finished with Iconic modeling…i ended up dropping out in the final 3 because i got really sick and could turn the assignment in on time. 😦 i really enjoyed that comp so i was SUPER sad when i had to drop. it was the furthest i’ve made in a comp that wasn’t run by Beech though, so that was cool! I want to thank Vidkid/ColorMePink for running such an awesome comp!

And finally, my stories. my pride and joy of my simming life! I’ve recently come to the decision that I really love both of my reality shows (SIMVIVOR and Exile Island) and don’t want either to end for good. BUT I can’t run both at the same time. So i’ve decided to run them every other. right now i’m in a season of SIMVIVOR so after that’s finished I’ll be starting another Exile island! I’m super excited!

My legacy is NOT dead. I’m just stuck. I can’t decide if i want to do one more chapter with Nick, or have and heir vote and just move on….I just don’t know. it’s been bugging me reallllly bad. I think im getting closer to a decision, but nothing is definite yet. :/

And finally, i have a new story in the works! I’m really excited for this. I plan to write the entire story out before i post anything. the updates will be based on when I take the photos. I have the plot all thought out in my head and I have the prologue and the first 3 chapters written. 🙂 It’s going to be a great story! I can feel it! a special few friends have gotten sneak previews and now i’m just waiting on if they like it to continue. i don’t want to write a story no one likes! hahaha!

Well, that’s all for now! hopefully I won’t let my blog go so long again without posting anything…im so negligent…lolz!


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