Woo! One Step Closer to Being a Teacher!

I don’t know if you guys know this, but I’m going to University to study to be a teacher. At my school, we are required to take a bunch of pre-teaching classes before we get to go into schools and actually start “learning” how to be a teacher. Well, It’s taken me four, FOUR, years to finish these classes. And this semester, i started my “real” teaching classes, you know, the ones where they teach us how to teach.

And a big part of these classes is something that my school calls a pre-internship. I’m not student teaching, but I got into high schools and middle schools and observe teachers in my subject area. We were supposed to get our pre-internship placements last week, and we finally got them today!! I’m sooo happy! I get to observe a 10th grade Earth Science class for the first time!! I can’t wait.

I’ve never had an Earth Science class in high school. I was going to take one, but then dropped it so that I could take an online music theory class because at the time, I was going to be a music teacher. Funny how that class that I dropped has now become the subject that I’m going to teach!!


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