Really? Now? Eff You.

So I was playing my game the other day, no complications, no glitches, nothing. I opened the game up today to do some playing and get some models together for a new competition I’m joining. I was playing almost allll afternoon, and I was really into the game and had forgotten to save in a while. (I bet you all know where this is going.) Then right after my sim had finished the “Home Design Hotshot” LTW – Which is a bitch btw – and my game goes right to the desktop. At this point, I’m not freaking out right away since it’s happened before where my game go to desktop but is still running in the background, but no, not this time. It crashed. I haven’t had a crash in months. I was so pissed! now i have to redo that stupid LTW all over again. So not cool.


New Collab Blog!

So Paco, Jps, and I have been talking about starting a collab blog together for a while now. and we just finally did it. Okay, we we did it right before Christmas, but I’ve been busy these past couple days that I didn’t have time to post about it here. You guys should totally check it out! It’s called, The Corner of Insanity. Fitting, right? lolz

Meet the Boldens!

I’ve started a new sim family in the new town that came with Pets, Appaloosa Plains. I do this every time I get a new expansion pack. But this family is by far my favorite! they make such cute babies!

Here’s the Mom and Dad, Jordyn and Cameron. both available in my studio.

They have two dogs, both are Alaskan Malamutes.

Meet Rosco,

And Maya,

They have one toddler, Rayleigh. She is the most adorable toddler I’ve ever seen in my game! She may be making an appearance in my legacy when she gets older!

Here’s Levi, the newest addition to the family. I can’t wait to see how he turns out! If Rayleigh is any indication, he’s going to be a good lookin’ kid!

As of right now, Jordyn is pregnant again (she’s got the ‘surrounded by family’ LTW, so there’s gonna be lots of babies! I’ll be sure to post updates on them every now and then. 🙂 of course i may be needing help to find a heir every now and then if i can’t make up my mind!

Homemade Christmas Gifts!!!!

So I finally finished all my family’s Christmas gifts! I really wanted to make some homemade kind of things this year, and trust me, it was much cheaper then buying clothes or toys or things like that. And it also relieved lots of stress from finals! anyways…here are the pictures! I hope you like them just as much as i do!

My Dad’s:

His name is Jim, hence the J in the frame. And a ribbon-wrapped candy jar filled with his favorite candy.

My Mom’s:

Some of her favorite sayings made into a decorative art piece.

My Sister’s:

One of my favorites! A flower made from paint chips that you can get from any home improvement store or Wal-mart.

My Brother’s:

Somewhat the same as my dad’s but instead of a glass candy jar, I used cans of fruit from the grocery store with the pop top. open them from the bottom, eat what’s inside, fill with desired candy, then glue the bottom back on! super creative and fun!

My other Sister’s:

a custom “white” board. Another one of my favorites.

I had so much fun making these! even though my fingers took quite a beating, it was totally worth it! So excited to see what my family thinks of them!

If you want any detailed directions on how to make something, let me know!