New Legacy Update

Whoop! Finally got the new chapter of my legacy posted! You can read it here. Please read and enjoy! Oh and please leave comments!


Birthday and Turkey Day

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone had a great day, I know I did! I ate lots of ham (I hate turkey…lolz), pie, and GREEN BEAN CASSEROLE! I love that stuff! hahaha!

Oh yeah, yesterday (Nov. 23rd) was my birthday! ^__^ I now 22 and old, lolz! My dad was telling everyone at his work that I was turning 21. then at dinner he said that next year I’m turning 24. he was being totally serious too, lolz. so according to him, I’m now 21 going on 24. hahaha!


I’m trying so hard to find the motivation to write this paper that I need to have done tomorrow. It’s not working out so well for me. I have no idea what i’m even supposed to be writing about. My professor doesn’t explain anything at all and expects us to figure it out on our own. Not to mention that i have two tests and another paper due this week. Why does every professor pile the tests/quizzes/papers the week before Thanksgiving? Just because a holiday is coming, doesn’t mean you need to pile on the homework. super frustrating.

Oh Hai!

Well now. never thought I would post here again! but i’ve recently rediscovered my love of the Sims and so I’m back! ^_^ i don’t know how many people ever read this stupid thing, but i guess now it’s just a place for me to vent and say what i really want too. which is what I need. 🙂

Other news, my legacy is back up and running as well! I posted 2 new chapters last week! check it out!

Oh and i have a new story in the works! I haven’t done much with it yet, as I’m waiting for this semester to end so that I have more time. but It’s going to be awesome!