Fantasy World

Here are a couple more photos from Beech’s Fantasy World comp.

Assignment 5:

This was a White wedding photo. We had to show our model having the big wedding that she’s always dreamed of.

After the wedding ceremony, Anya and her man made their way to the reception area before the guests. It was a beautiful set-up and they wanted a few photos before everything became messy with guests. It was a peaceful time to just enjoy each others company.

Assignment 6:

I LOVED this assignment! We had to show our models traveling in time, either to the past or the future. I choose an apocalyptic future. I won this assignment. This is one of my favorite photos that I’ve done in a long time.

It was in December of 2012 that a giant solar flare destroyed the surface. Thankfully, the world government has learned of the threat in time to build underground shelters for most of the people in the world. Humans near the entrances were able to get to safety.

We lived underground in the underground shelters. There were numerous cities built and were all connected by tunnels. We didn’t know what the surface world would look like after being dealt such a deadly blow. And for our safety, none of the surviving humans dared to resurface, in fear of being suffocated by a lack of atmosphere.

Hundreds of years went by and it was now the year 3012. It was the 1000 year anniversary of the flare. My science department decided that it was time to venture out to the surface. I volunteered to be the one to go. We didn’t know what was up there, so we prepared for every possibility. I donned a body suit with an oxygen tank and helmet. I was both nervous as I walked to the door to the outside world, but at the same time I was full of adrenaline. I was about to make history.

I stepped out and was blinded by the sun. It was the first time any of our race had seen the sun in over a thousand years. It was exhilarating! I took a quick survey of my surroundings and was surprised to see that some small animals had survived. There was a flock of birds flying in the sky and rats scurrying along the ground looking for food. I checked my instruments and saw that the air was clean! I quickly checked the oxygen levels in the air and saw that the were high. I hesitated, but then took off my helmet and oxygen tank. It was surreal. I took a more detailed look at my surroundings and was shocked. I had never seen such destruction. But that time was over. We would rise from our holes in the ground, and take over that which we had once dominated: The surface.



I dropped out of Dark Shadowz today. I HATE it when people drop out of my comps, but I’m just so stressed out right now, that I can’t handle being in comps anymore. The only reason I’m staying in Fantasy World is because it’s almost over.

Seriously, this next week is finals week at my school so I’m studying my ass off. Not to mention I’m working extra shifts this week so I’ll basically be getting NO sleep at all.

wow. I just had to get that out there. /rant.


I really hate living in Michigan. Seriously. It was in the 90s last week. I wake up this morning and its FUCKING SNOWING! I hate snow. I can’t stand it. Seriously, when’s summer going to be here? 😡

In other news, I has a few pics to post cuz I’ve been to lazy to post before:

Fantasy World:

Model: Anya Bennett

Assignment 1:

In this assignment, we had to show our model as a super hero. I went a more dark direction then the other contestants. But it paid off! I won this assignment!

A freakshow made in a mad scientist’s laboratory, Dolly escaped and swore to herself that she wouldn’t stand for women being mistreated by men. All night she roamed the city looking for women in distress and used her ugly body to scare them into submission before killing them. She became known by the women of the city as Daredevil Dolly, someone not afraid to take on the evil men in the city.


Assignment 2:

In this assignment we had to show our model in their dream profession. I chose Astronaut! >.<

Ever since she was a little girl, Anya had dreams of being an Astronaut. The weightless feeling of space, the beauty of the stars…it enough to entice anyone. Of course, fixing satellites is an important part of the job too!


Assignment 3:

In this assignment, we had to choose a Disney Princess. I chose Belle. This is definitely NOT my best. The hair was all wrong and I couldn’t get her head sized right. even though I got docked points because I just used the shoulders of my model, it still took like 5 photos to get the shoulders to look like the do in the final product.

Anya had always been fascinated by Belle. The one princess who looked past the outer beauty to find the inner beauty within the Beast.


Assignment 4:

This assignment was definitely my favorite of the ones we’ve done so far. We had to make our model into a mermaid! ^_^ This was also my first time using the new Pose Player. I won this assignment!

Hidden in the caves of the Western Ocean, there is a magical place. This is where Anya lives as a mermaid. Her only power is her beauty, which she uses to ensnare the men out fishing.


Dark Shadowz: Cycle 4 – Dark Faerie Edition

Model: Carleigh Kepler

Assignment 1:

In this assignment, we had to show our model’s home world. I went all out on the story, but faltered on the photo. Which is odd, since I wrote the story after I did the photo…

We are the Faeries that live in the Southern Durmízt Woods in the land of Gläesmorí. We are the clan Ilvash, shunned by our counterparts, the clan Ellinas, in the Northern Aeon Forest. When Gläesmorí was first formed, the two clans were one. But rifts soon began to develop between our race. A new religion started among them. They worshiped a new God called ****. The new rituals that were started to being honor to ****, scared the Council of Elders. The sacrifices forced the elders to take action. The small group of Faeries were banished from the Aeon forest, told never to return. Overjoyed with their newfound freedom, they moved south and started a new clan. They called themselves the Ilvash.

Years went by. The sacrifices of The Ilvash turned their once green wings to red. I was born of the 3rd generation after the Great Split. I grew up knowing the traditional rituals and learnings of my clan. So when the time came for me to get my wings in my 18th year, we all thought I would receive red wings like my friends and family before me. On the night of the full moon in my birth month, we had the traditional aging ceremony. When my wings burst forth, everyone was astonished to see, not red, not even green, wings. Mine were a pale blue. Silence rang through the forest. We had no idea what it meant. No one knew that I would be put on a journey that would change the world of Gläesmorí.


Assignment 2:

This assignment was about our model’s favorite color. I didn’t really know what to do here, so I just went with the fact that her different colored wings were now her favorite color…unoriginal, i know.

Blue. My wings were blue. I was a freak in my clan. What would people say when I walked by? There’s no way to hide them, everyone will see. When everyone at the party got over their shock, cries rang out from the clearing, “What is she?!” “She’s a spy!” “Kill her!” One voice rang out above the others, that of my father. He told people that I was just as much a part of their people as he was. A person’s wings did not dictate the type of person they are. The crowd quieted and dispersed. I sank to my knees. How would I be able to live? No one was going to accept me as an apprentice with my different colored wings. How could I prove to the clan that I wasn’t the enemy? How can you prove something that you didn’t even know for sure yourself to be true? Suddenly, an idea came to me. I got back to my feet and sought out a certain man. When I found him, he showed no surprise to my wings. Gossip travels faster than the speed of light. I told him what I required and he agreed.

A week passed since my aging ceremony as I made my way back to the man’s hut. This man was the armor and weapon specialist in our clan. When I arrived, he pulled out my specially made fighting raiment. Instead of the traditional red dye, I had him use blue. I stepped into the hut and quickly changed. The blue in the outfit matched my wings. If I couldn’t hide my wings, I would embrace them and show the rest of my clan that I was someone special. I walked out of the hut, said thank you to the specialist, and made my way to the chief. I was going to join the army.


That’s all for now! ^_^

Poor Life Choice…

So I went to Chicago yesterday. It was fun! But it was rainy and cold. But the worst part of the trip was that at one of the museums I visited, made me throw away a new package of candy! I hadn’t even opened it yet! 😡 I was pissed! But I did get a cute keychain for my keys! It’s so adorable! I would post a pic, but some jackass stole my camera.

Anyways I had problems sleeping the night before the trip and ended up not sleeping at all. That was a poor life choice. So I am now sitting at work…at 4 am in the morning…without sleep for the past 48 hours. Poor. Life. Choice. I’m about to die.

Nature’s Finest Finale

We crowned Cycle 2’s Winner last night! It was a VERY close call. JKAmaryllis won by .5 points. Like I said it was very close. KelleD014 was runner-up and starling68 was 3rd place. Sign-ups for cycle 3 will be up in a couple days after I get back from Chicago!

The winning photo representing Fire and Water: