Sigh of relief

It’s finally spring break! now i can sit back an relax. until the due dates for my modeling comps arrive….

It’s amazing. Last week the weather was fantastic, 50 degrees and sunny all the time. This week, it’s been in the 20s and 30s with ice storms and snow. I can only hope that the weather during break will be warmer so that i can enjoy being on break 🙂


Hello, My Name is…..

You know you’re on The Sims 3 forums too much when you go to take an exam and instead of writing your real name, you write your username…

Yeah, that was my fantastic blonde moment for the day >.<

in other news, i have class until 8:30 tonight. blegh. i’m falling asleep just thinking about it. two and a half hours of trying to understand what the professor is saying. :/

Icepocalypse 2011

May I just say that I hate Michigan weather. Last week it was 50, sunny, no snow. And in one day that all changed. Last night was non-stop rain/snow/ice mixed together. So now today walking to class, I slipped and fell on my ass! Ice is everywhere!

Here are a few pics. Imagine this on all chain-link fences, handrails, trees, bushes, and door handles…


Kill me now. I’m soooooo over winter.


I’m so excited! I get to go see Blue Man Group tonight!!!! I love these guys! I’m so happy that they are playing at my school! My parents are coming too. My dad is the biggest BMG fan ever. My mom and I decided that we would get him an early birthday present, ticket to the show! He’s gonna get the biggest surprise of his life tonight! ^_^

Pulling My Hair Out!

GAH!  i have to write this stupid paper for my Human Geography class and I just can get it going! 😡  i hate being easily distracted! Like right now, i should be writing it, but instead im posting on my blog…the good thing is it’s only a 2 page paper…